SOPA DE JERIMU . Graça Ochoa | Projeto satélite da Circolando



“Jerimu soup is a solo show for a woman and several pumpkins… so it’s not solo anymore! There are the girl, the porcupine, the chila, the bolina, the gourd, all different and all pumpkins. In this kitchen, this woman lives with pumpkins, listens to their secrets and dives into herself, discovering things she did not know.” – Graça Ochoa

Creation and Interpretation: Graça Ochoa


Creation Support: Alberto Carvalhal, Gilberto Oliveira, Margarida Chambel, André Braga and Cláudia Figueiredo


Texts and Support for Dramaturgy: Regina Guimarães


Sound: Carlos Adolfo


Light: Francisco Tavares Teles


Scenography: Nuno Guedes and Nuno Brandão


Production: Ana Carvalhosa (direction) and Cláudia Santos


Photographs: Stratos Ntontsis


Graphic Design: Elsa Oliveira


Acknowledgments: Norman Taylor, Tiago Porteiro, Teatro do Frio




Approximate duration: 50 min.


Age rating: M / 3


Activity integrated in the zOOm program