July 23, 2021 21:00

Praceta Francisco Sá Carneiro| Barcelos

July 24, 2021 21:00

Museu de Arqueologia D. Diogo de Sousa | Braga

Le G. Bistakï | France

National Premiere

The collective G. Bistaki again seizes the public space in order to draw up a creaky, dreamlike and absurd social fresco of our contemporary world. Dressed in white suits and armed with snow shovels and with corn as food for thoughts, these four men invite us to cross the place like eras in an astonishing choreographic and musical journey. Outdated images, futuristic or fantastic, come together to give the viewer a view of our society. The scenography feeds on the architecture of the place and an in situ plastic installation powered by light and video. Neither quite circus nor dance, the language of G.Bistaki is at the crossroads of the arts and offers a meeting of disciplines. The use of juggling, drama or dance fuels a common language that gives rise to sometimes crazy and often absurd situations where derision and laughter prevail.

Collective creation: Florent Bergal, Sylvain Cousin, Jive Faury, François Juliot
Light Technician: Hugo Oudin
Video designer: Guillaume Bautista

aprox.50 min. | M/3



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