July 16, 2024 21:30

Theatro Gil Vicente, Barcelos

CIA DOISACORDES | Brasil-Chile-Espanha

national premiere

In a poetic duet, two men establish a relationship marked by knots, knots ephemeral, temporary, and menacing, that oscillate between restriction and freedom, preserving individuality and narturing intimate fantasies and secrets.

aprox. 60 min. | M/10

capacity 202 seats

The show is free of charge, limited to the capacity of the room. You can book your ticket for the show at Theatro Gil Vicente, from Tuesday to Friday, from 10am to 6pm, by email (tgv@cm-barcelos.pt) or by phone (253 809 694). Tickets can be collected between 2 hours and 15 minutes before the start of the show, and they expire 15 minutes before the start.

Laureate within the frame of circusnext Platform, co-funded by the European Union


intimate acrobatic poetic


Autoria e Interpretação / Authors and Interpreters: Thiago Souza and Roberto Willcock 

Dramaturgia / Dramaturgy: Jean-Michel Guy 

Desenho de luz / Light designer: Gabriela Bianchi 

Composição / Composers: Adrià Juan 

Figurinos / Costumes designer: Gabor Zsoka 

Colaboração / Collaboration: Boogie Bush