Following the partnerships initiated in the first edition of the festival, that fostered the establishment of a trust relationship between Vaudeville Rendez-Vous and the various artistic institutions of Famalicão, it was decided that the festival this year should give free rein to Arteduca, challenging this institution, students and teachers, to create musical performances that dialogue with the city’s public space.

Combo da Arteduca – Anacrónica

Blues, Boogie – Woogie, Dixie e Ragtime interpreted by students of combo da Arteduca.

Musical preparation: Arteduca – Filipe Monteiro

Lead vocals: Beatriz Silva, Gabriela Azevedo, Rita Dias

Back vocals: Filipe Monteiro

Saxophone: Margarida Cruz

Clarinet: Catarina Thomaz

Flute: Bárbara Azevedo

Violoncello: Margarida Tavares e Inês Durães

Piano: Clara Lacerda

Bass: Filipe Monteiro

Drums/Percussion: Eduardo Machado, António Maia e Hilário Castro

Partnership: Arteduca e Festival Vaudeville Rendez-Vous