July 18, 2024 22:00

Largo do Pópulo | Braga

Compagnie Galmae  | Coreia do Sul & França

national premiere

A proposal for a group of people in motion, where the awareness of another becomes more and more indispensable.

How does the crowd move? Does one move differently when alone, from when being amongst a crowd? What determines the « We »? What is an individual within a group? At the point of departure, there is a stone. With the stone, there is a string. There is also something which surpasses the sum of individuals.

Inspired by his own sensations during a rally in Seoul in 2015, Juhyung Lee, young South Korean artist, proposes a sensitive experience of the collectivity.

aprox. 45 min. | M/6


installation, performance, interactivity, participatory, community

Conceito e Direção / Concept and Direction: Juhyung Lee 

Luz / Light: Olivier Brun 

Música / Music: Charles Henri Despeignes 

Som / Sound: Martin Birchler 

Instalação e Performance / Installation and performance: Juhyung Lee, Olivier Brun, Charles-Henri Despeignes, Pauline Lavergne, Martin Birchler 

Agenciamento / Management: Margaux Lestavel 

Produção / Production: Générik Vapeur 

Coprodução / Co production: Le Citron Jaune, L’abattoir Avec le soutien de la SACD – Auteurs d’espaces 

Residência / Resindence: Théâtre La Passerelle scène nationale des Alpes du Sud – Gap