July 22, 2022 19:00

Parque da Devesa - Traseiras do Anfiteatro | Famalicão

July 23, 2022 11:00

Paço dos Duques | Guimarães

Oliveira & Bachtler | Portugal e USA


When the doors open and the curtains are drawn, the poetic and dangerous nature of the circus takes up residence on the circular stage. With each revolution of the scenery around the ring, the intricate layers of the circus performer’s world are revealed. With an ironic and modern tone, the personal mysteries of this nomadic vaudevillian circus family are exposed.

Through various circus disciplines such as clowning, acrobatics, hand balancing, juggling, illusion, air and contortion in combination with the movement and theatrical construction of Cir-K, we get closer to the inner and outer world of these characters. Here human truths emerge through struggles for power, stardom, sexuality, gender identity, love, jealousy, friendships, addictions, ego, loneliness, and insecurities…
Within the continuous renewal of multiple and varied spaces, the world is transformed. Here both the inner and outer worlds of the inhabitants are exposed.

aprox. 40 min. | M/3



Artistic Direction Hugo Oliveira e Sage Cushman
Cast Elvis Mendes, Miguel Brás, Felipe Contreras
Production Maria João Lamas
Sound design David Valente
Co-production Festival Cúpula, TMG
Support Vaudeville Rendez Vous, Fundação GD