Largo da Oliveira | Guimarães

28/jul 19h Largo da Oliveira | Guimarães

29/jul 11h Parque da Juventude | V. N. Famalicão

Two Portuguese artists, João Paulo P. Dos Santos, a chinese polet acrobat, and Rui Horta, a choreographer, mix their experiences and influences to create a singular show named Contigo in which they find their own unique language. This show deals with their different perceptions of their bodies and objects. On an empty scene, with some objects, a chinese mast and above all a body, João expresses his anger and his masterly skills between the sky and the earth, but also his exhaustion and his loneliness.

“My aim is not to be or not to be a dancer but to be in harmony with the chinese pole and with my body”. João Paulo dos Santos.

Authors: Joao Paulo DOS SANTOS and Rui HORTA

Performing: Joao Paulo DOS SANTOS

Music: Tiago CERQUEIRA and Victor JOAQUIM

Costume: Pedro DOS SANTOS

Technic: Elsa CAILLAT

Coproduction: Company O Ultimo Momento and Festival d’Avignon 2006, SACD/Les Sujets A Vif

With the support of: O Espaço do Tempo, Montemor o Novo (Portugal)

CONTIGO was commisioned in the context of Le Festival d’Avignon IN 2006 – Les Sujets à Vif