Deal (agreement, arrangement) is an everyday life action in the world. It is the result of human interactions that can reveal who we really are. In this work, the circus and contemporary dance languages merge revealing new dimensions of the objects, of the other and even of ourselves. A truly emotional and spectacular journey, of multiple forces that transport the bodies and move the imagination.


Concept: Matías Marré Medina

Devised, choreographed and performed by: Spela Vodeb, Sol Vázquez, Matías Marré

Music: Nihan Devecioglu, Javier Gamazo

Light: Pep Pérez

Light Design: Emanuele Mazza

Costumes: Atempo Circ

Photography: Tomaz Crnej

Production: Atempo Circ

Co-production: Festival Pisteurs d’Etoiles, Festival Escena Poble Nou, La Central del Circ, Pyréneés de Cirque 2013-14, ARGEkultur Salzburg, Oficina de Support a L’Iniciativa Culturak.

Collaboration: Enclave Arts del Moviment, Lagrainerie, Institut Ramón Llull