Rossio da Sé | Braga

27/jul 22h Rossio da Sé | Braga

29/jul 22h Largo da Oliveira | Guimarães

In the space there are bodies, bodies that unfold into the narratives of day to day situations, bodies that bend time, manipulating the past and future. Creating scenic paintings which allow us to reflect upon our days.

This work explores the relationship between circus arts and physical theatre, with the intent to develop and transpose the singularity of the individual in to the performative space. Objectively developing a particular language to break trough the old habits and codes of classic circus.



Artistic & Technical Team 

Planning and Artistic Direction: Hugo Oliveira

Music: Luca Argel

Scenography: Hugo Oliveira / Bruno Capucho

Performers: Ana Monzêlo, Ariana Silva, Beatriz Duarte,

Bianca de Jesus, Bruno Sousa, Carmen Viegas, Carolina Vasconcelos,

Chandra Malatitish, Douglas Guedes, Elvis Mendes, Fausto Tenório,

Frederico Silva, Glória Tenório, João Serro, Jorge Gutierrez, Lia Sara, Luis

Reis, Mafalda Albuquerque, Pedro Caetano, Shanay Chiu, Sofia Encarnação.

Speciality teachers:

Aerial hoop, Rope: Fábio Constantino

Balls and Juggling Clubs: Jorge Lix

Unicycle, Balance board and Tight rope: André Borges

Cyr wheel and German wheel: Bruno Machado

Acrobatics, Chinese pole, Chinese rings and Straps: Júlio Valdes

Studs: Tiago Maia

Body and Movement: André Araújo e Ana Dora Borges

Production: Juliana Moura

Production Assistance: Clara Alvim

Co-production: INAC – Instituto Nacional de Artes de Circo & Festival Internacional Vaudeville Rendez-Vous