It is not a play. It is not a concert. It is not really what it looks like and it looks like something that it really is not. It has a lively, eternal and erratic, vagrant wanderer style. It is not a concert, no. A cat on the threshold, stretching in the sun. Dolce far niente. Pausing is the balance of movement. All for one, one by one. They are five. Bring a friend too. And, bottoms up! Beware of the body, it is no longer new. Another jump, another ride. If you don’t jump, you are not part of the gang. Come now, jump, jump, yo, yo. To jump, you need to take your feet off the floor. From the floor to the heart. Oh unspeakable pain that burns and can only be seen with 3D glasses. A heart with no owner is like a dog with no leash: happier only when chewing a bone. It is too much! Concert? It is not… Give me a hug, I haven’t seen you since yesterday. Let’s party, the celebration is fantastic, man!