July 22, 2021 18:00

Parque da Devesa | V.N. Famalicão

Inac | Portugal

World Premiere

A group of young future circus artists confronted with a different reality.
We all know (a little) what contemporary circus is, what it means for the artist, what it allows the spectator
to experience. And yet, we are currently facing a different beginning and a different end. The usual points of reference are no longer there and there is a continuous becoming different, new, reshaped.
How can we still dance in front of an invisible war?
How can we excite and involve with distance?
How can we learn from the other being afraid of it?
27 bodies, 27 heads, 27 hearts.
Only one group.



Artistic Direction: Marianna De Sanctis
Performers & Creators: Alicia Luque Fogel, Alisa Cheburkova, Alvin Yong Kin Hoe, Ana María Toro Bardeci, Anthi Papadimitriou, Anton Frederick Viktor Birkholz, Callum Peter Donald, Cloé Nathalie Sonja Matter, Corey Jacob Leighton, David André Dias Ferreira De Almeida, Diego Lama, Eline Sophie Nijboer, Erik Aaroy Meling, Evangelia Mosiou, Evangelia Seiragaki, Gabriel Taiar Santos, Ivo Nicolau Ribeiro Keil Amaral, Jessica Lane Ludugero De Lucena, Josh Barnabas Golaszewski, Júlia Ester Cavalcante Fonseca, Luca Paties, Manuela Carvalho Villela, Sofya Polyakova, Tamara López García, Tjasa Dobravec, Uria Shemesh, Zoe Aldekoa Alonso,
Production: INAC

aprox. 45 min. | M/3



Ticket Office

VN Famalicão

Ticket office is next to the event venue (at the access to the Parque da Devesa Amphitheater);

– The ticket office opens 2 hours before the start of each show;

– Each person can pick up up to 6 tickets;

– People with reduced mobility may take a companion (both need to collect a ticket);