July 21, 2022 22:00

Largo Condessa do Juncal | Guimarães

July 22, 2022 22:00

Praceta Francisco Sá Carneiro | Barcelos

July 23, 2022 22:00

Rossio da Sé | Braga

Ensemble – Compagnie Jupon | França

National Premiere

Here we swim in murky waters. Two men face each other, subject to chance. What is played out between two people is played out before our eyes.

When two opposing forces meet, there is a delicate, unstable, necessary balance point. A balance that hears both self and others, a precarious balance that requires perpetual attention.

At the center of this dynamic, the verticality of the Chinese pole offers a new possibility. It is an anchor at the heart of the cyclone, a scale that symbolizes the aspiration to go higher and further, an invitation to look TOGETHER.


Authors Julien Scholl, Jérôme Pont
Interpretation Julien Scholl, Jérôme Pont
Scenography Julien Scholl, Jérôme Pont
Accomplice look Marine Mane
Partners and support Theater op de Markt – festival de cirque et de rueà Neerpelt (Belgique), Spectacle vivant en Bretagne, le Conseil Régional de Bretagne, Théâtre du Vieux Saint-Etienne (Ville de Rennes). Remerciements : Morgane Guyomard (Le Volume, Vern sur Seiche), François Verdes (L’Avant Scène, Monfort sur Meu) et Baptiste Turpaud.