Praça Dona Maria II | Vila Nova de Famalicão

26 JUL  22h Praça Dona Maria II | Vila Nova de Famalicão

28 JUL 19h Largo do Paço | Braga


“Sketch for paradises is an attempt to redefine, imagine and betray the idea of Paradise. A work created with a group of young circus artists, full of hopes and expectations. Changing times request evolution of definitions and ideologies. It is, today, important to reconsider happiness, how we live with it and for it. What is driving youngsters to construct their futures (not one, but many)? Thus, the show is presented as a sketch of intimate and collective investigations translated in paradisiac acrobatic gestures…” – INAC



Artistic Direction Francesco Sgró, Teresa Noronha Feio

Direction Assistant Clara Alvim

Light Pedro Guimarães

Original song created by the performers

Production Juliana Moura

Interpretation and creation Amanda Gonzalez, André Freitas, Andrew Ossada, Edilberto Martinez, Etienne Tribu, Galini Benetatou, Giovanna Morelli, Ilias Kastrits, Juliana Campos, Júlia Azambuja, Kátia Rocha, Luz Garcia, May Alpha, Suvi Antallaine