Rossio da Sé | Braga

26 JUL  22h Rossio da Sé | Braga

27 JUL  22h Largo da Oliveira | Guimarães

28 JUL  22h Praça Dona Maria II | Vila Nova de Famalicão


”There will be some juggling. There will be slackness. There will be puddles.

There won’t be any animal tortured, or banana spoiled, but there will be coffee, drops, and a procession for the last hours of queen Cleopatra.

What can we show that is not already visible on YouTube ?

Flaque is a show in situ and non determinist that goes beyond limits drawn by tape.” – Defracto



With and by David Maillard, Eric Longequel, Guillaume Martinet

Juggling Guillaume Martinet, Eric Longequel

Music Creation & Staging David Maillard

Artistic Direction Johan Swartvagher

Choreography advice Jay Gilligan

Light Design David Carney

Production Manager Laure Caillat

Partnerships Théâtre Bretigny – Scène conventionnée du Val d’Orge, Théâtres Départementaux de la Réunion, Centre National de la Danse, Maison des Jonglages, Coopérative 2R2C, Theater op de Markt, l’Essaim de Julie, le CENTQUATRE – Paris, La Grainerie, La Fabrik


aprox. 60 min. | M/3