P​arque da Juventude | ​Vila Nova de Famalicão

Cirque Exalté | França

25 JUL.​ 22:00​ P​arque da Juventude | ​Vila Nova de Famalicão

26 JUL . ​22:00​ ​Praceta Francisco Sá Carneiro | Barcelos

27 JUL.​ 19:00​ R​ossio da Sé|Braga

aprox. 45 min. | M/3

National Premiere

In 1971, Patti Smith releases her album “Horses”, a concentration of savage rock and of ardent poetry.

43 years later, as if by vertiginous coincidence, driven by this contagious passion, Trois Exaltes takes its turn in the spotlight.

Through the deafening crash of intense acrobatics and frenzied poetry, they celebrate liberty joyously, to a rock soundtrack. They strive to awaken and cherish the rebellious lover buried in each of us. For them, every second is perfect. They test the limits, in search of spontaneous beauty in the unexpected, they flirt with risk.

« Furieuse Tendresse » is a cry. An exhilarating performance born to express the intensity of life and of the instant. An invitation to experience human contact by way of the circus and extremes.

 By & with ​Sara Desprez, Emiliano Ferri, Angelos MatsakisDireção / Director ​Albin Warette

Technic ​Alexandre Maladrie et Nicolas james

Light creation ​Nicolas James

Costumes C​hloé Fournier Graphics : We Where Heroes

Stage Design​ David Tondeux, Franck Breuil

Diffusion​ Emile sabord production

Production​ L’Envoleur