July 18, 2024 22:00

Anfiteatro do Parque da Devesa | VN Famalicão

July 19, 2024 22:00

Praça Municipal | Braga

July 20, 2024 22:00

Largo Condessa do Juncal  | Guimarães

Soon Circus Company | Suécia e Catalunha

Gregarious offers a captivating portrayal of the human side of sports, challenging the traditional depiction of sports heroes. The performance seamlessly blends competition and collaboration, illuminating themes of teamwork and rivalry. Drawing inspiration from their own close friendship, the two artists have crafted a contemporary circus gem that exudes energy, wit, and charm. With exceptional physical abilities, breathtaking stunts, and clever comedic elements, Gregarious offers a fresh perspective on the emotional and personal dynamics that are at the core of sports.

The appeal of the performance reaches beyond any particular age group, captivating both young and old audiences.

aprox. 50 min. | M/3


friendship, intimacy, deconstruction, humanity, sports

Ideia original / Original idea: Soon Circus Company 

Artistas em palco / Artists on stage: Nilas Kronlid and Manel Rosés 

Olhar externo / Outside eye: Joan Català and Angela Wand 

Música / Music: Albert Oliveres 

Desenho e construção de adereços / Props design and construction: Ullrich Weisel and Soon Circus Company 

Figurinos / Costume: Soon Circus Company and Nanouk Films

Vídeo e fotografia /Video and pictures: Nanouk Films