July 18, 2024 19:00

Praça de Pontevedra  | Barcelos

July 19, 2024 19:00

Praça Municipal | Braga

July 20, 2024 11:00

Pátio do Paço dos Duques | Guimarães

July 20, 2024 19:00

Praça D. Maria II (topo sul) | VN Famalicão

La Campistany | Nederlands & Spain

national premiere

It happens… is a solo show which combines trapeze, music and clowning. It happens is a creation with an own life that happens to happen.

It happens… is a dialogue between success and failure, beauty and shame, serenity and frustration.

Through the vocabulary of movement and music, this show highlights the powerful fragility of the times where everything is in harmony.

It happens… is a physical metaphor for the perfectly imperfect human condition: If everything seems to be going well, you have probably overlooked something, nothing is perfect, nobody is perfect, it happens…

aprox. 40 min. | M/3


trapeze movement solo music

Conceito e Encenação / Concept and direction: La Campistany 

Composição musical / Music composition: Rémi Lebocey, Zè Malandro, Júlia Campistany 

Desenho de luz / Light design: Arjan Hendrickxs 

Figurinista / Costume design: Ana C. 

Olhar Externo / Oustide Eye: Griselda Juncà & Tomeu Amer 

Difusão & produção / Distribution & production: Buro Piket & La Campistany 

Agradecimento especial a / Special thanks to: Alba Sarraute, Arthur Rosenfeld, Michael Zandl, Pieter Post, Danny Ronaldo, Arjan Cabellut, Rémi Lebocey, Benet Jofre