July 22, 2021 18:00

Paço dos Duques | Guimarães

July 23, 2021 18:00

Parque da Devesa | V.N. Famalicão

July 24, 2021 15:00

Praça dos Poetas | Barcelos

Compagnie Troubles Champêtres | France

National Premiere

Étienne Tribu –  Vaudeville Rendez-Vous creation scholarship winner

Là-bas is the story of a young man who migrates from his home country to a new lands. Through his diary,
he tells us his dreams, doubts and love stories. This young man, actor and narrator of his own tragedy,
knows that by leaving his home, he has many trials to
overcome on the way.
A contemporary circus show, the junction of contemporary dramatic writing with contemporary circus to the rhythm of the Cyr wheel. It represents the story of a young man, who migrates from his home
country to new lands. Through his diary, he tells us his dreams, doubts and love stories.

Production & Direction: Compagnie Troubles Champêtres
Writing, Direction and Performance: Étienne Tribu
Direction Assistance and Dramaturgy: Laora Giraux
Scenografy construction: Christian Tribu
Outside Eye: Katia Rocha
Co-production: Vaudeville Rendez-vous International Festival | Teatro da Didascália

aprox. 40 min. | M/3



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