Creation Laboratory for Contemporary Circus*

July 22, 2019

INAC – VN Famalicão

*aimed at students and professionals of performing arts | inscription required and limited to 10 participants

22/23/24 JUL . ​09:00 – 11:00​ ​INAC – VN Famalicão


The circus is an art that converts reality into a metaphor.

The metaphor needs a creative act because it implies a transference of meaning and its force, in the circus the metaphor exists in the evocative power of the images that it creates. Metaphor is a creative act because it creates a distance between meaning and the signifier. The creator uses the metaphors in which its meaning is implied.

Consistency is another fundamental element for a creator, she is the mother of sense and the daughter of writing who is also responsible for the parts that create a universe. (Vocabulary, choreographic and sonorous aspects, author language, costumes, scenographic elements, etc., putting the circus in everything that exists, more than the summary of the singular parts.

What is a theme?

A main idea?

A scenic element?

A scenic movement?

How to use the circus at the service of metaphor?

These and other questions will be shared during the three lab days with examples and discussions.

//Roberto Magro\\

Formado pela escola de circo Fratellini. Começou a trabalhar com a companhia Les Oiseaux Fous em 1999 e em 2002, juntamente com François Juliot, criou a companhia Rital Brocante. Em 2005 assumiu a direção artística da escola de circo Flic, em Torino. Dirigiu espetáculos em várias escolas como ESAC, ACAPA (Tilburg), FLIC, Rogelio Rivel, Crescer e Viver e em companhias como MagdaClan, Les Triplettes, Nos No Bambu, entre outras.

Foi diretor artístico da La Central del Circ, em Barcelona entre 2013 e 2015.