Creation Laboratory for Contemporary Circus*


INAC – VN Famalicão

*aimed at students and professionals of performing arts | inscription required and limited to 10 participants

22/23/24 JUL . ​09:00 – 11:00​ ​INAC – VN Famalicão


The circus is an art that converts reality into a metaphor.

The metaphor needs a creative act because it implies a transference of meaning and its force, in the circus the metaphor exists in the evocative power of the images that it creates. Metaphor is a creative act because it creates a distance between meaning and the signifier. The creator uses the metaphors in which its meaning is implied.

Consistency is another fundamental element for a creator, she is the mother of sense and the daughter of writing who is also responsible for the parts that create a universe. (Vocabulary, choreographic and sonorous aspects, author language, costumes, scenographic elements, etc., putting the circus in everything that exists, more than the summary of the singular parts.

What is a theme?

A main idea?

A scenic element?

A scenic movement?

How to use the circus at the service of metaphor?

These and other questions will be shared during the three lab days with examples and discussions.

//Roberto Magro\\

Graduated from the Fratellini Circus School. He began working with the company Les Oiseaux Fous in 1999 and in 2002, together with François Juliot, he created the company Rital Brocante. In 2005 he took the artistic direction of the circus school Flic in Torino. He has directed shows at various schools such as ESAC, ACAPA (Tilburg), FLIC, Rogelio Rivel, Crescer e Viver and in companies such as MagdaClan, Les Triplettes, Nos No Bambu, among others.

He was artistic director of La Central del Circ in Barcelona between 2013 and 2015.