O Silêncio do Corpo

July 22, 2022 19:00

Parque da Cidade | Barcelos

July 23, 2022 11:00

Parque da Juventude | Famalicão

Erva Daninha | Portugal

The silence is total, but inside me, a particular agitation reigns, contradictory information being processed in real time. The body says it can’t take it anymore, but the mind doesn’t care, pushing the body beyond its limit. In this second state the silence is more deaf, and each movement brings us closer to the limit.

This is the starting point, exploring the physical limit to tell what one sees/feels on the other side, where the mental supports us and allows us to reach a state we didn’t know until then, revealing primary, intimate, and universal emotions. The Chinese mast serves as a pretext to dive vertically into the depth of being, reach that limit, and go beyond it.

aprox. 40 min. | M/3


Artistic direction João Paulo dos Santos
Co-creation and interpretation Victor Abreu, Callum Donald
Original music Marek Hunhap
Executive production Teresa Camarinha
Communication Elísio Mota
Technical direction Vasco Gomes

Production ERVA DANINHA | Trengo festival de circo do Porto
Co-production residency Teatro Municipal do Porto, ESPAÇO do TEMPO

Artistic direction Erva Daninha Julieta Guimarães e Vasco Gomes
Production Erva Daninha