This workshop aims to explore the drama games from the urban space, providing the participants with the basic ideas of the actor’s work, stimulating the creation from basic resources, transforming simultaneously our vision of the routine space to a space design of colours.

Trainer: Neusa Fangueiro

She graduated from the Representation course at Balleteatro and from the Theatre and Animated Forms course.

She is an artistic co-director at Fértil and participates in her own creations as actor, dramaturge and creator.

From her professional and academic career, some projects stand out, projects oriented by Graeme Pullyen, Nuno Pino Custódio, Eduardo Correia, Steve Johnstone, Carlos Lamego, Manuel Costa Dias, Hélder Costa, Jorge Pinto, Isabel Barros, Roberto Merino, Vitor Hugo Pontes, Lígia Roque, José Ramalho, João Paulo Seara Cardoso.

She has participated in workshops and complementary training with:

João Mota, Carlos Martinez, John Mohatt, Madalena Vitorino, Etelvino Vasquez, Valter Hugo Mãe, Neyde Veneziano, Isabel Barros, João Paulo Seara Cardoso, Margarida Azevedo de Abreu, José Carlos Garcia, Lídia Martinez, Andrey-Riot Sarcey, Jordi Bertran, Gisélle Barret and Stephen Motran.