July 22, 2021 21:00

Praceta Francisco Sá Carneiro | Barcelos

July 23, 2021 21:00

Anfiteatro - Parque da Devesa | V.N. Famalicão

Cia Oliveira & Bachtler | Portugal – USA

Two beings living in an abstract world, Otus is rooted in human nature. Here is a unique perspective, a
glimpse into their lives, motivations, relationships and habits. Utilising circus, physical theatre, movement,
clown and set design Otus explores tension, the space between characters, objects and the wooden world in
which they reside. Immersed in their own nuances and rendered through acrobatics, juggling, rope, trapeze and staff manipulation, their world unfolds.

Created by: Hugo Oliveira, Sage Bachtler Cushman

Performers: Hugo Oliveira, Sage Bachtler Cushman

Direction: Hugo Oliveira, Sage Bachtler Cushman

Dramaturgy: Hugo Oliveira, Sage Bachtler Cushman, Luciano Amarelo

Artistic Support: Luciano Amarelo

Scenography: Hugo Oliveira, Sage Bachtler Cushman, Bruno Neto

Photography: Ashleigh Georgiou & JP Martins

Production: Carole Blade, Rodrigo Matos

Light Design: Hugo Oliveira, Sage Bachtler Cushman, Sergio Vilela

Costumes: Carolina Sousa, Thomas Benjamin

Coproduction: Coreo Cymru & Chapter, Arts Council of England, Company Oliveira & Bachtler

Artistic Residence: Cace Cultural do Porto, Companhia Umpor1, Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde, The Black-E, Wales Millenium Centre

Acknowledgements: Corda bamba, Circolando, Luciano Amarelo, Companhia Umpor1, Lago discount.

aprox. 55 min. | M/3




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The mandatory ticket collection is carried out between 1 hour and 15 minutes before the start of the show, at the event location (Praceta Sá Carneiro).

Capacity is limited in accordance with DGS rules and reservations expire 15 minutes before the show.


VN Famalicão

Ticket office is next to the event venue (at the access to the Parque da Devesa Amphitheater);

– The ticket office opens 2 hours before the start of each show;

– Each person can pick up up to 6 tickets;

– People with reduced mobility may take a companion (both need to collect a ticket);