The Potted project is based on the premise of artistic innovation. The four members of the company come together with the interest of creating a unique and original show, based on the research of space, objects, structures and rhythm.

The intention is to put in crisis the direction of the object to reach its essence, through circus disciplines, creating a direct communication with the audience, full of great visual impact.

This ambitious and different proposal, seeks common points between sculptural harmony and chaos, the static and the dynamic, artificial and organic, gravity and weightlessness, the boundaries of the object and people, and the unlimited… all on stage, in the form of entertaining, visual poetry. An innovative, agile and evocative creation.




Artistas: Jon Sádaba, Guillem Fluixà, Federico Menini, Andrea Pérez

Diretor Artístico: Lucas Escobedo

Diretor Técnico: Antonio Segura & Vitaly Motouzka

Cenografia: La Trócola Company

Técnico: Manuel Ramírez Pérez

Figurinos: Ana Enguita & Trapalatrop

Fotografia: Juanan García Díaz, Marc Vila, Ciudaddela Sombra

Música: Carlos Izquierdo