The Good Place

July 20, 2022 22:00

Praça D. Maria II | Famalicão

July 23, 2022 22:00

Largo Condessa do Juncal | Guimarães

Marcel et Ses Drôles de Femmes | French

National Premiere

The Good Place is a horizontal organization, made up of individuals like you and me. Among them, there are biologists, politicians, naturists and prominent specialists at the service of humanity. Onto these Funny Women and Marcel undressing our reality. Here, the other side is revealed to you. They will pique your curiosity. Derision, with its most simple devices. The frustration this will give you will incite you to ask for more. But do we have to tell you everything? Take a look in our mini-big-top. In the booth, there is a little slot. Slip a coin in and the opaque window in front of you will become transparent.

Is obscenity really hiding where we expect it?

aprox. 70 min. | M/3

Creation Marcel et ses Drôles de Femmes
Written and performed by Constanza Sommi, Catarina, Marine Fourteau, Théo Godefroid, Marcel Vidal Castells
Artistic advisor Christophe Chatelain, Christian Lucas, Claire Schumm
Costumes Anaïs Clarté
Sound design and sound technician Théo Godefroid
Light design and general technical director Baptiste Lechuga
Builder Serge Calvier
Scenography Le Hangar’O’Gorilles
Administration & production Sophie Laurent
Booking and production Émilie Dubois
With the support of SACD Auteurs d’Espaces