Following the partnerships initiated in the first edition of the festival, that fostered the establishment of a trust relationship between Vaudeville Rendez-Vous and the various artistic institutions of Famalicão, it was decided that the festival this year should give free rein to Arteduca, challenging this institution, students and teachers, to create musical performances that dialogue with the city’s public space.


Arteduca and I Got Trio


Gardel, Reinhart, Grapelli, Joplin, Offenbach and other composers are not just interpreted! Their music and stories come to life when artists, characters and audience interact. What will be revealed from behind the curtain? What do the guitar and violin strings tell? What do the drums announce? What happens in the love story of that melody? The musician is a trapeze artist, a magician, a ballerina, the crowd!

Music adaptation: Jordi Pons

Performed by: Elisabete Gomes (violin), Tiago Costa Gomes (guitar), Filipe Monteiro (drums / percussion)

Design: Sandra Carvalho

Production execution Arteduca + I Got Trio: Elisabete Gomes

Partnership: Arteduca e Festival Vaudeville Rendez-Vous