July 21, 2022 19:00

Largo São João Souto | Braga

CIA Quando Sais À Rua | Portugal

A performer on stage, a giant vinyl record of 4 meters in diameter as a stage, several turntables that both play vinyl and manipulate juggling objects, and the use of rotating mechanical sequences for the purpose of creating new choreographic forms that become pure visual art.

Vinyl is the mixing of analog and digital sound, with sound devices being scenic elements. It is also the obtaining of new materials and objects to develop visual patterns, which always serve a narrative purpose, as well as the (re)use of the same equipment for scenic and choreographic purposes.

aprox. 50 min. | M/3



Creation and interpretation David Valente
Sound composition David Valente
Scenography César Estrela
Technical direction Alexandra Prezado
Sound Alexandra Prezado
Executive production David Calhau
Design Susane Lage
Artistic Consulting Vasco Gomes, José Pereira & Hugo Oliveira