July 25, 2019

Largo de Donães | Guimarães

Amir and Hemda | França/Espanha/Suécia

25 JUL . ​19:00 ​Largo de Donães | Guimarães

26 JUL . ​19:00​ L​argo da Porta Nova – Torre | Barcelos

27 JUL . ​11:00 ​Largo D. João Peculiar | Braga

27 JUL . ​19:00​ ​Praça D. Maria II – Topo sul (Jardins) | VN Famalicão

aprox. 30 min. | M/3

National Premiere


ZOOG is a glimpse into a moment between two acrobats, a routine, a ritual. It is an intense game of love and hate, an endless pursuit of togetherness, an exchange of cruelty and tenderness.

Through their bodies, the two share their intimate story – the highs and the lows, the hidden, the complex and the joyous that lies in the foundation of any relationship.

Conceção, Autoria e Interpretação Amir and Hemda

Shortlisted CircusNext 2018-2019 | cofinanciado pelo programa  Europa Criativa / União Europeia