Paula de Papel – Teatro O Bando


20190310 16:00:00

“PAULA DE PAPEL calls on painting to build a theatrical object where the body and movement overlap with the need to use the word to reach the understanding of the narrative. On the scene, all the characters are PAULA and it all starts with the blank paper that is a central element of the plastic construction of the show, a role that is the main instrument for sound repair, a role that is always present in the daily lives of children, thus inviting them to interact with the scenic space and the narrative. ” – O Bando Theater

text from published interviews by PAULA REGO | staging JULIANA PINHO | co-creation MARGARIDA MATA and RITA BRITO | scenography RUI FRANCISCO | sound design JORGE SALGUEIRO | CLARA BENTO costumes | with JULIANA PINHO, MARGARIDA MATA and RITA BRITO Approximate duration: 50 minutes Age rating: M / 6