Conversas ao pé da porta

Projected for three different seasons, Paisagem Efémera – natural e rural (Ephemeral Landscape – natural and rural) is a transdisciplinary creation developed to develop a logic of artistic intervention in the landscape. The first, which would be presented at the end of May (made impossible due to the covid-19 outbreak), focuses on the natural and outdoor landscape, with artistic interventions in the middle of nature.

The series of talks “Conversas ao Pé da Porta” (Talks near the door) created by the audience mediation coordination of Teatro da Didascália – zOOM: ver melhor, comes as response to the impossibility of being presented in public space for Paisagem Efémera – natural e rural.

Therefore, we intend to bring to the virtual street, every Thursday from April 30 until May 28, a guest from a scientific area to talk about perspectives of the landscape that contain maturation of critical thinking, expanding the possibilities to look for the first time at places we have always known.


April 30, Thursday at 7 pm

Theme: Physical and human geographies

The landscape and the relationship of men with the geography of the place. The construction of religiosity, work, imagination and identity from the geography of the territory. The landscape and its definitions – rural, urban, industrial – in the construction of the self and the other, singular and collective.

Guest speaker: Álvaro Domingues (bio here)

Fields: Urban Geography, Urbanism.


May 7, Thursday, 7 pm

Theme: Art

The landscape in the Art history. Landscape-inspiration, landscape-limitation, landscape-construction. Art objects in the landscape.

Guest speaker: Ricardo A. P. Reis (bio here)

Fields: Art History, Philosophy.


May 14, Thursday at 7 pm

Theme: Botanical relations

The plants that feed, heal, empower and rejoice. A visit to the common herbarium to understand the relationship between men and the landscape and as well as the dimensions of plant ecology.

Guest speaker: Cristiana Vieira (bio here) 

Fields: Biology, Ecology, Botanical Collections (Herbarium)


May 21, Thursday at 7 pm

Theme: The Shelters

The landscape as a space to build shelters. The controlled nature, the construction “of” and “in” the landscape. From vital protection to the production of aesthetic and political discourse of architecture.

Guest speaker: Jorge Sodré de Albuquerque (bio here)

Fields: Architecture, Photography


May 28, Thursday at 7 pm

Theme: The divine and the artistic creation

The landscape and the relationship between men and the divine; Creation and artistic creation. A travel proposal on the relationship between men and the landscape and spirituality, the Creator, Creation and Creature, rituals and artistic production.

Guest speaker: Rui Nunes, sj (bio here)  

Fields: Theology, Spirituality, Cinema


*All talks were  accompanied by a Portuguese sign language interpreter, and were transmitted live on the YouTube channel of Teatro da Didascália.